team tindaya

edilberto Torres

Greetings! I'm Edi. Since my childhood, the conquest of the high summits has been my great passion. That's how Café Tindaya was born, a name that evokes the greatness of the mountains I love so much. Here, we dedicate ourselves exclusively to offering the best coffee because we fervently believe that the quality of coffee defines our essence.


Exploring the diverse corners and discovering the richness of the coffee mountains of Colombia is a fundamental part of our journey.


Being part of this team has been an incredibly stimulating adventure. The growing community of coffee lovers fills us with joy and motivation. Whenever someone experiences the distinct flavor of Café Tindaya, It offers us the opportunity to step into their home and join the Café Tindaya family. We warmly invite everyone to join us in sharing this wonderful experience!

Adelaida Guerrero

Hola! I'm Ade, a passionate explorer and storyteller of exquisite Colombian specialty coffee. My connection with this beverage goes beyond what's in the cup; it encompasses the unforgettable moments we share around this unique experience. This connection not only inspires me but also drives my day-to-day.


Being part of this team is exciting as we share the goal of bringing a place in every home for the true protagonists: the small Colombian coffee farmers. Their hard work and commitment shine through in every morning sip of Café Tindaya.


Joining this mission means celebrating the passion and hard work of those who cultivate the elixir we love so much. Welcome to the home of the authentic Colombian coffee heroes: The home of Café Tindaya!

Juan Pablo León

Hey! I'm Juanpa, a lover of the Colombian countryside and a dreamer in search of opportunities! Coffee is my unwavering companion, and in our quest for the utmost quality, the Tindaya project comes into my life.


I'm confident that we are offering the best coffee from the finest estates to the most discerning palates.


Being a part of this team is delightful; we all complement each other to focus our skills on the brand's growth, aiming to be recognized globally as one of the best specialty coffees from Colombia. Join us on this adventure!